The treatment removes a level of mill scale which could hinder further manufacturing processes.

This type of surface condition is used for material which may require further processing by press-working or stamping.

It is considered by some to help with tool “wear” and therefore help prolong the life of the tool.

The laser cutting process can also be helped by the treating of material with this surface condition.


We offer HRPO in Euro-norm steel specifications:
  • BS EN10025-2 : Structural Steel
  • Grades: S275JR+AR & J2+AR, (AR being as rolled)

  • BS EN10025-2 : High Yield
  • Grades: S355JR+AR & J2+AR

  • BS EN10149 – High Strength, low Alloy (HSLA)
  • Grades: S355MC, S420MC, S460MC

  • BS EN 10111: Drawing & Forming
  • Grades : DD11 & DD14
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