Decoiling is the process of unwinding (uncoiling) a coil, levelling, (flattening and stress levelling) to produce sheet and plate. 

The sheets/plates can be varied in length size to meet bespoke customer requirements or cut into standard market sizes.

  • Decoiler 1 (TCSF LINE)
    • Thickness Range: 3.0mm to 20.0mm
    • Width: 700mm to 2,100mm
    • Max Coil Weight: 30 tonnes
    • Maximum Material Yield: <700mPa
    • Coil Inner Diameter Range: 508mm to 810mm
    • Maximum Coil Outer Diameter: 2,100mm
    • Length: 1,000mm to 11,000mm
    • Length Accuracy: < 2mm per 3m
    • Diagonal Accuracy: < 2mm per 3m
    • Line Speed: Up to 30mpm in line run
    • 2 Coil Cars
    • 7 Roll Pre-flattener with exit deflector roll
    • 15 Roll Precision Leveller (8.0mm to 20.0mm)
    • 17 Roll Precision Leveller (3.0mm to 8.0mm)
    • Rake adjustable down cut shear
    • 11,000mm stacker box
    • 4 material traverse trolleys spanning 3 bays

  • Decoiler 2
    2000 x 15.0mm
    Cut to length, maximum length 18000mm
  • Decoiler 3 
    2000 x 10.0mm 
    Cut to length, maximum length 7500mm


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