Post levelling, knives both above and below the sheet cut into the continuous sheet (via the width); thus creating numerous slit strips simultaneously.

The set of continuous strips are then fed into a shear cutting all the blanks to the same length.

This is a continuous process and therefore the “blanking” process is time efficient, due to the manufacturing process the finished blank is more dimensionally accurate than a traditionally produced decoiled and post sheared item.

*Denotes subject to thickness, please check with our Sales team for confirmation we are able to process your requirements.


1550 x 3.0mm Multi-strand Machine
  • Minimum strand width: 350mm*
  • Maximum strand width: 1500mm*
  • Strand tolerance: +/- 0.2mm

  • Minimum length: 300mm*
  • Maximum length: 7000mm*
  • Cut to length tolerance: +/- 0.2mm per metre
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